Woah when it nails you

Today in our Ayurveda Clinical Intensive course, we took one another’s pulses and practiced introducing the concepts of Ayurveda and giving our findings. It is remarkable to me how consistent the findings are with the reality of our life conditions. Our physiology is so well reflected in the pulse. It’s also amazing how the objective assessment of other people in the course can shine light on one’s self in a way that self-reflection alone can’t quite get to. I realized I was exhausted today. Basically burning the candle at both ends and sideways and going through my stored reserves. I am aware that this has been going on for some time. Just going and going. And with medical school starting in five months, I have time to do something about it. Mostly — NOTHING. Relaxing. Sleeping on time and more. Taking time to take care of myself and get rejuvenated, nourished, rested and energized. It just felt so natural and right. I can’t quite explain why. It just clicked as we went through the pulse, feeling for the qualities therein expressed. I had been looking for so many other more surface more symptomatic imbalances when the main thing going on in my body right now is a sense of pressing forward, continuing to go go go, not sleeping enough, checking news online in bed, staying up and trying to go again in the morning. Not saying no to things that aren’t right for me. Trying to do everything. Time to just pause and take care of myself.