Castor oil

On the 5th day, I will drink the castor oil. Leading up to that day, I am self-massaging with oils to loosen up the tissues. I use the strokes recommended in the Encyclopedia of Ayurvedic Massage by John Douillard. Most of the strokes are exactly the same or similar to those I received in Kerala under the guidance of Sherifka at Kerala Kalaripayyat Academy. I found those treatments so helpful and restorative.

So, the castor oil will allow my body to naturally detox by pooping a lot. It is not for people who are pregnant, nursing, having IBS, Crohn’s, Ulcerative Colitis, hemorrhoids, under 18 or older than 70, fighting an illness, significantly underweight, having rectal prolapse, trying to become pregnant, having hypertension, having heart disease or on medication (check with physician).

I’ve done this three times before, again while in Kerala. It is, in fact, a lot of pooping. So you should expect to be kind of low energy for the pooping day. The diet surrounding the day of pooping is adjusted such that you are eating only very simple, easy-to-digest, minimally-seasoned simple foods on the day of purging, and only after waiting until the purging in done.

Day 5 is Saturday. Sunday is my 30th birthday.

So, this will be a sort-of starting anew for a new year. 🙂


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