Juice Day and Post-Interview Thoughts

I decided to have a day consuming only juices once a week for now. Whole meals are fine, as long as you throw it in a blender, so your stomach doesn’t have to do the work. It felt great. On Sunday, I just had soup at the airport. It got the job done. It’s amazing how much more aware of myself I become when I pay extra attention to what I eat, and am giving my system a break. 

At Duke’s interview day, I had a chance to talk about my interest with fellow applicants. Some looked at me like I was kind of nuts. The administrative coordinator for our interviews seemed really fascinated. My last interviewer of the day gave me this wide-eyed nod and smile, as if to say “wow, I can’t believe you’re actually doing this, it’s awesome.” Because of the nature of the interview, I wasn’t allowed to know whether she was a doctor, patient, administrator, or any other role. Her encouragement was encouraging


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