Abhyanga (self massage)

For this week in the morning I am administering self massage with warm sesame oil. I use long strokes over long bones, large circles over joints and clockwise circles around my stomach. There are specialized movements along the head, feet and hands as well, as described in our course’s textbook, Encyclopedia of Ayurvedic Massage.

I placed an old towel on the bathroom floor and heated the oil in a simple pot on low heat for 10 minutes while eating breakfast. Then it is recommended to wait 20 minutes after the massage to allow the oil to soak in and to relax. I was planning to do my morning meditation during this time, but the lock got away from me, and I decides to try waking up earlier tomorrow morning to fit in the meditation during that time. As it was, I showered with hot water and a fairly abrasive all-natural soap (to remove oil), and dressed to drive my partner to work.

Yesterday was the first day of massagr, and I experienced some tenderness in the legs during the evening, as the massage likely loosened up the tissues.


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