Starting with the Koshas, introducing Ama

In class, we have started with the idea that we are multifaceted, multidimensional beings, meaning that we exist at several realms at the same time. These include physical, energetic, mental/emotional, intuitive knowledge and spiritual insight. In Ayurveda, these are referred to as the five Koshas, or sheaths, covering up our true nature where we are in fact connected deeply and permanently to the Divine. We are introduced to the idea that in order to treat someone with Ayurveda, we must understand which level or realm of being we are intending to treat. Where is the dysfunction rooted? Where are its origins? Then there are specific remedies that are better suited for each of the five sheaths of existence. For instance, if the problem is physical, then you address the physical. If the problem if physical caused by mental/emotional, it is helpful to support the physical while really and primarily addressing the underlying, causal condition.

We are introduced to the concepts of Srotas, Vayu, Nadis and Chakras. These are different systems, pathways and “transistors” of energy within and between the five Koshas. They include organ systems, nerve pathways, lines of energy, and energy centers. They help facilitate physical health and spiritual growth. Blockages within the body (physical, spiritual, emotional, etc.) is denoted as Ama. This is toxin accumulated within the Koshas. Removal, detoxification or purification of the Koshas removes Ama and allows the energy to move once again.


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