OMG SEO is that easy

After being goddamn tired of listening to people rant and rave about SEO and specialize in the goddamn practice, I decided to try it a little bit on my own, knowing what little I do about HTML, writing in the English language, and the way search engines index sites.

Well…. Flow Yoga’s now #1 for yoga utah, #2 for yoga slc and #3 yoga salt lake city.

If anyone would like to pay me a couple thousand bucks a month for SEO services, that’s fine. But look, I’d much rather just include it in my standard-fare service for clients.

If you want logical, straight-forward advice and action to help out your marketing image and presence – on and off line – well, lemme know.


One thought on “OMG SEO is that easy

  1. Just as an update — we’re still in the top three for all of our important searches. We’ve stayed there. This isn’t as the result of any kind of scheme. This is about optimizing a site in terms of its content and quality, and putting the right keywords in place as due diligence. It’s all about quality.

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