Some of my favorite yoga classes

Sometimes people ask me which classes I recommend. It is, of course, and entirely personal matter, and the class I attend (and whether or not I depend) is largely based on how I’m feeling that particular day, in terms of strength, flexibility, energy level, etc, and at what times I can practice. I’ve also gotten very into Kalari… this is a whole separate issue. It is a hot, energy-intensive and powerful ancient martial art. They have their own schedule, and are all located at Flow Yoga | East Millcreek, 3300 S 2927 E, SLC.

As far as the classes I like, here it goes. FWIW, go to Flow Yoga almost exclusively, because I work there. All of the below take place at 21st S 21st E. It used to be a video rental store. You’ll be amazed at how different it looks inside…. Here is a complete schedule at Flow.

4pm Relax & Release with Natalie

10am Level 1 with Kimberly or Jennifer Ellen

7:15pm Basics with Jami
8pm Relax & Release with Jade

10am Level 1 with Jennifer Ellen
7pm Relax & Release with Natalie

7pm Level 1 with Jennifer Ellen
7:30pm Relax & Release with Jade

5:45pm Basics with Jade

10am Basics with Connie

Kalari Schedule at East Millcreek, 2927 E 3300 S
Monday: 6:15pm
Tuesday: 6:30 am
Wednesday: Nope
Thursday: 6:30 am and 6:15pm
Friday: Nope
Saturday: 10:15am
Sunday: 8:30 am
All sessions are 60-90 minutes in length.


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