Deeply grateful for another great day on the Tour of Utah

As I wrap up the day, feel my back twitch from sitting by a computer all day, and my blood sugar peak and valley, fighting blackout, I just wanted to post what an amazing day it’s been for me. While never once ACTUALLY seeing the race in this 24 hours, I felt immensely connected to a very special event. Today brought crisis PR, lots of photos and videos, more live action social media coverage, tons of compliments, an iPhone video of the finish sent in by the VP of the Larry H. Miller Group of Companies. Throughout the whole race, I’ve gotten support from friends and other clients, being brought food twice while I couldn’t make it for myself. Haha. I sound like I just got done with a climb up 10,000 ft of mountain. I did not. But this has been a great race for me, too, irregardless.


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