Pablo Blaqk, Danny Dance to perform at Tour of Utah

Well, Pablo Blaqk performed tonight. We learned something about the nature of crowds at time trials: they come with a purpose: watch the time trials. This is fine though, because Pablo is one of the most rad people I’ve met, and he took the gig in stride. The cool thing was, at the end of the night, he left content, we had a great talk on the way home, and then I arrived back to the home office to receive this note, from the editor of ROAD Magazine: “who was the dude playing music at the tt today? Upper deck just a guitar. Kicked ass.” That’s why I like my job.

Danny will be spinning at the Tour of Utah on Sunday, at Library Square, during what is sure to be the most popular of the stages. He’s performing in the morning, from 10am-1pm. This’ll give him a chance to interact with, as he calls it, “the mom and little kid crowd… maybe I’ll get a birthday party.” Danny is a nice and intuitive guy, and he’ll be just fine.

BIG thanks to Jon Tueller at Graywhale Music for pulling this all together. Really the sauce that made these music stages happen.


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