Flow Yoga about to get flowier

We’re about to kick things into high gear with Flow Yoga, the yoga studio on 21st and 21st in SLC, just as soon as the Tour of Utah wraps up and I can put some cucumbers on my eyes and take a bubble bath. Not. I’ll probably do a few extra Relax & Rejuvenate yoga sessions though. But THEN, we’re going to roll out the carpet, finish up the communications analysis I’ve been doing for them, and start rolling out some new messaging and tactics. This is an absolutely incredible yoga studio, a beautiful space physically, and a space that FEELS right inside. The process of communicating their marvel and value to the public shouldn’t be terribly difficult because, like People’s Market, all the ingredients for success area already in the vicinity. All we have to do as marketers are uncover the good stuff, create an awareness and push, push, push. It makes me feel so good that, running my own business, I get to pick (or, as it happens, get picked) by clients who share a similar plane as myself, who get along and want to see a better world and are, in fact, working toward one. Whether it’s a professional bike race, a community radio station, a farmer’s market, a chain of locally-owned record stores or a yoga studio, I feel more than ever that I’m IN my niche, that I’m filling the space I’m supposed to fill. It brings me great honor and reward to promote and help grow organizations that align with my values, my taste and style. Onward and upward.


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