People’s Market finds new support

Big thanks to Ed Sweeney and the people at KCPW for their support of People’s Market. We’re going to meet in the next week or two to finalize our arrangement, but as of now, KCPW is running spots for People’s Market on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays. This community support is crucial to the growth of the market. I heard from Kyle today that the market has 75 vendors signed up for this year’s market. Granted, not all 75 will be present at each market, but this number is far ahead of where People’s Market was at last year, when we averaged 39 vendors per market. We anticipate a growth this year from our initial 75 throughout the year. For a little sense of history, observe that the market averaged 5 vendors its first year, 15 its second and 39 its third year. It doesn’t take major math abilities to see that we’re nearly tripling the size of the market each year. Major thumbs up.


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