I am wanting this issue addressed out of my time in medical school. How to make conscientious decisions as a person entering their profession about how to live well — not get rich and get out — but to really have a decent life while being a physician. It’s really the same question I’d be asking regardless of the field I’m entering. 


Mind Over Milkshake: How Your Thoughts Fool Your Stomach : Shots – Health News : NPR

A wonderful short piece illustrating the power of our minds in terms of what we eat. This is showing how we cooperate and interact with our environment in an intelligent way, and that health is beyond counting calories.

Woah when it nails you

Today in our Ayurveda Clinical Intensive course, we took one another’s pulses and practiced introducing the concepts of Ayurveda and giving our findings. It is remarkable to me how consistent the findings are with the reality of our life conditions. Our physiology is so well reflected in the pulse. It’s also amazing how the objective assessment of other people in the course can shine light on one’s self in a way that self-reflection alone can’t quite get to. I realized I was exhausted today. Basically burning the candle at both ends and sideways and going through my stored reserves. I am aware that this has been going on for some time. Just going and going. And with medical school starting in five months, I have time to do something about it. Mostly — NOTHING. Relaxing. Sleeping on time and more. Taking time to take care of myself and get rejuvenated, nourished, rested and energized. It just felt so natural and right. I can’t quite explain why. It just clicked as we went through the pulse, feeling for the qualities therein expressed. I had been looking for so many other more surface more symptomatic imbalances when the main thing going on in my body right now is a sense of pressing forward, continuing to go go go, not sleeping enough, checking news online in bed, staying up and trying to go again in the morning. Not saying no to things that aren’t right for me. Trying to do everything. Time to just pause and take care of myself. 

Interesting options in Atlanta

Just getting back now from a trip to support my fiancé’s Ph.D. application process at a school in Atlanta. Still adjusting to the idea that we’re not going to be in the same city for the next 2-3 years. It is a difficult decision and process for me. However, the long weekend was in general quite enjoyable, and it was nice to spend time together on a semi-vacation in a city that I really didn’t expect to enjoy so much.

I also had the chance to speak with a computational genetics professor at a dinner party. He heard of my interest in Ayurveda, and recounted an experience at a conference in Delhi where he was approached excitedly by a woman relating his presentation to her knowledge of Ayurveda. Since then, he has been curious to explore the relationship between his line of work in genetics, and the world of Ayurveda.

He asked if I could help with this research. Seems like an interesting opportunity.

Easy Workday Lunch

Easy Workday Lunch

The basic Ayurvedic principle that this lunch practice plays to is that warm, homecooked meals are good for the soul. Come on. Our moms have been telling us this for years. So, in this version, you simply pre-cook some foods very briefly in the morning, and then pour the still-boiling brew into a thermos that it sealed for lunch, 4-hours later. 

The basic set-up is the same as what as in this link. You can play with the grains (red lentil and rice is used in the linked recipe), spices (fennel, cumin and coriander are good base spices in Ayurveda), and veggies. A general principle is to “eat what the body needs.” If it is needing some extra fire, maybe add a firy spice. If you are needing to cool it and ground it, perhaps something cooling and grounding. 

Getting even more out there

I was talking my friend and advisor the other day, and I was just lit up talking about this idea of enrolling in a energy/light healing course, as well as a yoga teacher training. He said he just hadn’t heard me like that in a while, and reminded me of the times since he’s known me where I have complained of a lack of inspiration or “vital zest” for life. He told me “look man, this is god talking to you. You’ve got to do the stuff you love.”

So here it is. I’m adding a course on healing light therapy to my Ayurvedic studies, and I’ve applied to some yoga teacher training programs that would complement my current schedule. 

Taking leaps. It’s a wild affair — but how else is my life going to be lived? Walking the path, I’m at a time right now where I just have to do what is right by my heart and conscience. I’ve got a great system of support and love in my life. It helps me find my own courage. 

The other thing that came up in talking to this friend and advisor, was me mentioning my concern: “You know, how am I going to take this class about healing light therapy. It’s so far out. Look at the course descriptions! They’re talking about connecting with angels and subtle energies. How am I supposed to do this when I’m still working on not getting pissed when the dishes aren’t done to my liking??”

I was gently encouraged to just keep going — to do the things that are natural and arise of out of the natural love. You can only try to tweak the faults and frailties of my humanness so much — dwelling in the muck and trying to fix stuff. I’ve even heard some scientific studies about psychology, where it is just so much easier to improve on something you’re good at than fix something you’re not. It’s just natural to love the things you love and put your energies into there. 

And if anything about my life has shown me anything in the last 5 years, it’s that miracles are real — they happen all the time — and that you’ve got to show up for Love, and put in the effort to connect —- but that through the Source, problems can simply dissolve. You don’t have to go around trying to fix everything. It’s OK to inventory, and see what’s wrong with me in the moment, or what aspects are holding me back, or patterns I’m engaged in. But the real point in doing that stuff is SO THAT YOU CAN CONNECT TO THE SOURCE. It’s about the solution, and moving toward that. 

Not sure if this is making sense or if it’s just become a midnight ramble — but there it is. 

I can’t believe I’m going to medical school AND doing all this stuff! I honestly never thought these things were possible, or even a path that I would desire. I can’t stress enough how much fear, anxiety and uncertainty has been a part of this path for me — and how much at the same time, love, stability, courage and faith have been there as well. It is all happening, all the time.